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Friendly, convenient shopping, the way it ought to be...   Macleod Village Shopping Centre in Aberdeen Road, Macleod offer a variety of specialty and convenience shops. 

44 stores from hairdressers to florist, personal training studios, restaurants and accounting services are right on your door step - just off Carwarp Street and opposite the Macleod railway station.  With a park and shaded playground across the road, an undercover rotunda, bbq facilities and plenty of room to run around it makes shopping an enjoyable experience for you and your young family. 

Support your local businesses today and visit our friendly traders.

We might be a small shopping village, but as well as offering everything you need, we also host great events too!

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Chairman                           -              Marcus Boyden - Cafe Aberdeen

Vice-Chairman                -              Nedislav Radman - Mr Macleod

Secretary                           -              Joy Barham - Property Owner

Treasurer                           -              Nuri Sadiku - The General Chicken Co

Centre Manager             -             Yvette Standfield/Anna Henderson

                                                                 M: 0408 056 581/0401 042 194

General Committee      -             Carmel Crane  - DVCS Op Shop
                                                                Andrew Boudoloh - Macleod Cellars 

                                                                Robyn Gale-Baker - Sustainable Macleod

Cr. Tom Melican- tom.melican@banyule.vic.gov.au ~ 0413 043 015

Macleod Village