The Macleod Village traders are thrilled to be invited to support the Boomerang Bags Macleod project.

Participating businesses in Macleod Village include:  IGA Macleod, Basile's Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Diamond Valley Community Support and Macleod Fresh Meats and Fine Foods.   

The Boomerang Bags are free, but we do ask that you return them, or continue to use them when shopping in Macleod Village.

A big shout out to the lovely group who donate their time to make these bags so that people can use them for free.

if you would like to donate your time to make bags, can contribute materials or would like to make a cash donation which will go towards servicing the sewing machines that are kindly donated (there are ongoing costs), or just would like further information please contact, Melissa Jennings, 



Macleod Village