UPDATE - JULY 26TH, 2018
Click on the attachment below and view what Macleod Village Traders Association response to the Parking Meters is.



Banyule City Council approved, in principal, the introduction of parking meters around Macleod Station at their April 9th meeting this year in what they believe will improve the parking for shoppers to Macleod Village.  Council will make their decision after consulting with the trader groups and affected residents.


The Macleod Village Traders were quick to rally support amongst the traders and locals to oppose the introduction as they firmly believe the introduction of paid parking will deter people from visiting the Macleod shops and push commuters into residential streets to avoid having to pay.     Short term visitors to the precinct, to enjoy the playground, drop children off at kindergarten or play tennis or netball, will be required to pay for parking or look for alternative free parking, which is already in high demand.


Banyule City Council in 2016 introduced parking meters along Somers Avenue and that only pushed commuters to park in residential streets, which attributed to major safety issues with narrow roads and dangerous access, and Council’s solution was to introduce permit parking for locals.    

Macleod Village Centre Manager, Heidi Crundwell stated that “If Banyule City Council spent more time and resources lobbying State Government for the introduction and improvement of bus services to Macleod Station, of which there currently are none on the east side, then maybe the pressure on railway parking would be reduced and people would use public transport.”  She further added that   “The Macleod Village Traders Association has also been lobbying with Banyule City Council and State Government for Parkiteer Bicycle Storage facilities.  To date, there is no commitment from either Banyule City Council, State Government or Bicycle Victoria”.

Enquiries and letters of support to abolish the idea of introducing paid parking around Macleod Station are invited to the secretary,

e: macleodvillageshopping.com.au.    Residents and anyone affected is encouraged to contact our Association or email council at enquiries@banyule.vic.gov.au and ask any questions or offer suggestions on how we can educate and improve the pressure on our parking, public transport system and road network.

The Association will submit a formal response to Banyule City Council by the due date of 20th July, 2018.

When parking meters were introduced in Somers Avenue, commuters simply avoided paying the fee and instead parked in residential streets.  There is a real threat that this will occur again.

Letter to Macleod Village Traders regarding the proposal, dated 19.6.18

Banyule Council Agenda 9th April with recommendation for Paid Parking Proposal for Macleod.

Banyule Council Minutes of Meeting 9th April with resolution (which is why we are where are we now)

Question and Answer sheet prepared by Banyule City Council.


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